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26 Nov 2014 The link below How 'Sayanim' 'Jews' Operate holds a copy just one page including photos from a website explaining current Jewish methods It cannot be expected that it will be entirely truthful obviously; in particular the sources the myths and lies and policies cannot be expected to be revealed even if known; nor can the true intentions as opposed to the overt claims But it's a useful shock antidote to the sleeping-draught which many people still suffer under Link to How 'Sayanim' 'Jews' Operate 李健 However it seems just as true that planning agriculture storage etc needs people who are plodding dull and able to tolerate long periods boredom possibly just follow orders There are plenty whites with little intellect.  It wouldn't surprise me if this is sex-linked; certainly it's impressive how few women are able to understand or test hypotheses.  MacDonald seems to overstate the benevolence whites as a result.  His website censors discussion the Vietnam War: gum-chewing low IQ whites hardly able to speak their language raping Vietnamese women technicians dropping bombs on defenceless villagers don't figure in his world-view And course they are helped to ignore these things by the Jewish media which never mentions them until an anti-white cause presents itself. 'secondary' or 'opportunistic' parasitism is an interesting possibility (mentioned in an Occidental Observer piece) Once a caterpillar is paralysed or a tree parasitised by mistletoe or cattle parasitised by larvae growing under the skin or a creature made sick by some biological attack there are opportunities for other parasites to feed in their turn if they can find some way to. Hence 'Jew process' as a homophone which like quite a few similar-sounding pairs means its opposite Without repeating evidence in detail let us survey Jewish influence in the twentieth century.  The Boer War and the British alliance with Japan which led to the defeat Russia by Japan are both connected with Jewish finance as course was the start the First World War in 1914 Many people are by now well aware that the USSR was established in 1917 and then run and controlled by Jews relying on money from the 'west' on slave labour lines under the strictest secrecy to strengthen the USSR militarily needless to say using the inventiveness western companies. I've read (I have no idea if it's true) that some species chameleons have status depending on stink glands: the smellier the higher status.  And that other species chameleons which pay no attention to smells achieve high status simply by their ordinary behaviour This may be analogous to Jewish behaviour in seeking out rich high-status females who inspire caution and fear in their own groups       Something similar is possible among human beings because their elaborate belief systems and past learning.  One parasitic style behaviour is to mimic powerful leaders and leadership characteristics. This in my view partly explains the success fanaticism.  Nineteenth century theorists regarded fanaticism as self-defeating in the long run; and this may be true But in the short run fanaticism has advantages.  It leads to unified behaviour: groups Jews groups Muslims gullible UAF types fundamentalists soldiers who have no real idea what they're doing MPs who follow their party orders have simple-minded views but they can be very effective in a group just as packs animals all following the same impulse may work better than packs which in effect debate and dispute. 金志文 Some interesting examples occur—or allegedly occur; biologists need sensational stuff to live as much as journalists—amongst social insects such as ants and some bees.  To repeat Dawkins repeating other writers a rival species ant has individuals that make the same sounds as ants in a nest seek out the queen saw her head f and take the place the queen; the invading species' eggs are cared for by the ants and displace them This at least is the version I gathered: 'phorid flies' which make ants feed their females by threatening the queen in some way—several species seem to have been introduced into the USA against fire ants an earlier introduction. I can't think any analogy such 'escalation' in the animal world; I'm not sure there's anything comparable in nature though possibly spores and bacteria which can settle on and eat food substrate might be seen as similar I wonder if bee drones which fly around between hives worker bees with their queen are a product a long evolutionary process and might be regarded as a small superior caste keeping the others under surveillance But in the human world another type extended parasitism occurs where parasitism is extended over large numbers people.  The paper money aspect Judaism is a good illustration.  These cases involve large numbers allies Jews 'useful idiots' people who are bribed or threatened or prevented from knowing relevant truths. Barbara Roche:Ugly fat racist It's one reason for their superficial self-confidence: normal people might strive to balance things to think the future to value community spirit and so on; they are mutually brainwashed.  It's simply not credible that barely-sane old bats like Specter Roche Lipstadt Berelowitz have a carefully-thought out view societal optimisation and a detailed vision the future: they are just fanatics like the Board Deputies British Jews. 鹿晗 [4] Two Tier System: It's absolutely crucial to understand that we have here a two-tier system.  The issuers money have entirely different attitudes from normal banks and normal people.  From the central bank viewpoint inflation is good and wars are good because they fer more large-scale opportunity They then print more money and get more interest provided their currency is accepted.  If governments waste money that suits them.  If they can exchange their paper or electronic entries for any real assets—houses businesses utilities colleges factories newspapers—they benefit; they've got them for nothing.  There are obvious hazards here: wars may be lost for example.  But usually it's not their problem. May I suggest a new attack point for nationalists—and everyone concerned with the truth Most readers here will have heard Kevin MacDonald whose print-on-demand books are available e.g on Amazon.  The Culture Critique (1998) is the best-known as far as I know: it deals with Jewish activists in 20th century America including psychoanalysis 'leftists' the Frankfurt School and 'the New York intellectuals' His other books include A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy(1994) on the real or perhaps mythical long-term history Jews including segregation from and competition with goyim and eugenics. His 1998 book Separation and its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory Anti-Semitism discusses the way anti-Jewish feelings have been provoked in host communities and then exploited by Jews; and the self-deception Jews in their writings and behaviour I have no idea what his MacDonald's sales figures are but there's no question he's been a great catalyst in the process Americans becoming Jew-aware something like a modern Martin Luther figure. We need ideally a cheap single volume book dealing with new information on Jewish influence in finance (especially).  This is crucially important because the two-tier paper money system gives Jews overwhelming financial power able to buy out and influence pretty much anything Media control is essential to keep up this system; and course it's international so Jews can carefully watch events in multiple countries and provoke wars or at least aggressive behaviour and control systems such as the EU which is clearly modelled on the Jewish-controlled USSR still well within living memory.  Jewish frauds which are many should be identified not discreetly hidden as at present Other important subjects include: It's easy to see how this sort behaviour could become genetically implanted over many generations until it is a fixed characteristic such a group so that the members feel an overriding moral imperative to parasitic behaviour The possibilities language and oratory and mythologies the invention writing and methods duplication such as printing on paper the formation specialist castes preaching the same thing ad nauseam all suggest genetic reinforcement as critics and skeptics are killed f successful parasitism rewarded and opponents killed f Group Evolution As we've seen because the possibilities learning variation within human groups gives possibilities which don't occur in most species unless you count social insects whose roles are however claimed to be firmly determined. Perhaps some mathematical treatment on the lines input-output analyses might be applied to the natural world For example invasive competition may be summarisable in a relation between levels fighting and aggression and distribution species and subspecies There may be lessons from invasive species—flatworms crayfish giant snails knotweed And perhaps some pros might be found necessary actions to retain and improve civilisation against threats Baker's book on race (reprinted recently by Arthur Kemp) examines reproductive strategies around the world quoting anthropologists and I think concluded these strategies were sound tending to replicate the spread qualities in these tribes and groups usually by ensuring mating between all the different types except those considered undesirable or those who genetically were. Note that without Jews it is unlikely that such a system could ever have started: no other countries after the disaster the First World War developed such a system and therefore it seems likely that without Jews the mass murder Russians and outlying nationalities would never have happened Another essential 1930s component was the increasing influence Jews in the USA.  Most people know now that the 1913 Act establishing the Federal Reserve allowed Jews in effect to print unlimited money. 尤长靖 This is easier with foreigners; there are lots examples foreigners becoming (or being made into) leaders (Napoleon wasn't French; Stalin wasn't Russian; many if not all British monarchs were foreign; many inhabitants India preferred Britons to other Indians) partly because the locals couldn't combine partly because the foreigners had some superiority but partly because they ignored the local pecking order behaviours.  The USA is largely controlled by Jews and this is certainly in part because their behaviour looks like leadership. The idea 'mimicry' is important in parasites where they are not carried internally.  (In that case what they look like doesn't matter).  ten mimicry is protective: a harmless fly may look like a wasp with bold colours and presumably on balance survives better.  Cuckoos lay eggs which mimic those host birds If we extend this idea to human beings there are points comparison but also course differences.  No other animal has anything like the learning capacities human beings though in my view these are easy to exaggerate.  And as it turns out technology enables communications and moving around matter to be enhanced incalculably more than the simple biological basis a creature responding to close-up direct stimuli—speech commands observation effects light and sound—and moving physical objects—food useful objects etc. I don't know if there's an ficial expression among people such as Dawkins for the sort thing I have in mind.  Because extended communication between minds parasites can multiply and extend and may indeed need to do this to survive An obvious example which would certainly be censored by Dawkins and most ficial geneticists is Jewish behaviour in such things as the 'Holocaust' fraud In order to keep their money flowing in they have or act as though they have no option but to buy up media influence 'historians' hire thugs control people high up in political parties make up their own parties and. Many people puzzle over Germany in the 1930s being 'capitalist': the point is course the central bank or banks worked in the interests Germans rather than taking from them leaving 'capitalism' in its more genuine sense.  Trade Union leaders in Britain must be puzzled that Miliband is their 'leader' since they don't understand the Two tier system which promotes 'educates' supports by their media such people.  I put 'leader' in quotes because Miliband is no more a leader than Churchill was: they are puppets who have adopted a view secretly circulated between Jews. The two-tier system has to be understood.  It isn't inevitably harmful: if Jews had amused themselves building country estates collecting art donating to good causes or taking realistic interest rates it wouldn't have mattered But probably because their fanatical tribal ideology this has not happened: any number wars any amount destruction suits their blinkered outlook.  I suspect the Vietnam War—more munitions used than the entire Second World War millions deaths—was purely a money-making opportunity.

迪玛希Dimash Some parasites such as tapeworms and liver flukes aren't generally fatal; they feed from the host and breed in effect using properties their hosts' excretions.  Occasionally we have symbiosis where what might otherwise be a parasite helps its host: lichens are joint organisms; the large blue butterfly's larva is fed by certain ants with their own pupae in exchange for a sugary excretion; greenfly may help plants get protein in exchange for the glucose they synthesise; nitrogen-fixing bacteria in some plant roots for example Parasitism course resembles predator and prey relations except that predators kill and eat their prey.  There is another resemblance with parasites: in neither case is the prey usually wiped out.  If this happened the predators or parasites themselves would die out.  Cuckoos for example in birds or malaria parasites don't manage complete parasitism no doubt more by luck than anything else. Copyright © 1998 - (new Date().getFullYear()); Tencent All Rights Reserved 腾讯公司 版权所有 腾讯网络文化经营许可证 There are other disturbing elements to the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings and if you are interested you can see more documents calling many elements the attacks into question HERE.

His books are cautious and belong to the opening phase Internet publishing.  MacDonald accepts for example the probably fictitious accounts Jewish ancient history; he takes the fraudulent 'holocaust' seriously; and he doesn't like the Khazar theory.  He doesn't cover a wide range subjects really either.  He mostly shies away from scientific and financial fraud.  Much the power his books comes from the listings page after page Jewish names with their activities It doesn't say much for British nationalists that there is no equivalent book relating to Britain; and I'd guess the same is true in France Italy and Germany in particular where post-Second World War influences are overpowering. 'parasitism' involves damage to the 'host' which is disproportionate: fleas for example which can only eat blood need methods to penetrate skin and delay blood clotting just for tiny quantities blood: the damage they do is analogous in human terms to thieves lawyers or what have you who may inflict a lot damage in exchange for their smaller gains A spectacular example is the Rafflesia flower the biggest flower that exists which draws nourishment from other plants' roots When damage doesn't happen the forms life aren't usually counted as parasitic: bacteria in the gut ten have little net effect. Kevin MacDonald is the de facto leading theoretician here though there are quite a few sociobiologists the sort quoted by Dawkins.  These latter however are usually optimists speculating on the spread and decline 'altruism' for example. I aim here to try to clearly distinguish between [1] The printing money,[2] Jews and central banks,[3] Banking as a business (and 'fractional reserves'),[4] The two-tier system,[5] Forms capitalism These issues are usually deliberately confused. [3] Banking as a Business:  It's important to try to distinguish what I'll call 'genuine' banking banking as a business.  If a Victorian worthy inherited a large sum he might found his own bank.  He would lend at interest probably to a stream characters uneven reputation and skill.  It would be his job to get repayments decide whether people with large debts should get more try to encourage depositors and to establish trust in his cheques and so on.  There is absolutely no guarantee that such a business would thrive.  If his cheques and book-keeping prove acceptable and there are liberal legal limits on his lending we have the 'fractional reserve' system.  This is something like 'traditional capitalism' as it appears in economics textbooks Small competitive banks are vulnerable to various types attack such as panics and rumours and clearly central banks have a huge advantage. Note that print-on-demand publishing does away with the warehousing problem books.  It also allows more frequent updating—new editions could be produced almost daily.  Mistakes can be corrected without having to pulp books or stick erratum slips in them.  I don't think it's particularly cheap—Amazon's discount must be huge and mass market books will I suppose still be printed and bound in the usual way Individuals who like truth therefore have new prospects for publishing.  I hope a new genre serious Jewish research will flourish.

There are many examples Jews and 'goyim' collaborating ten without the latter necessarily understanding what's being done.  The NUS NUT and other unions illustrate the sort thing.  The deliberate dumbing-down education may be another This may seem 'irrelevant' to many people conscious that time is passing and possible disasters are unfolding; but I'd argue it's clear that there are huge numbers ordinary people who need whether they know it yet or not such information in a clear and accurate form.  Such a book or books should ideally be entirely factual and properly referenced whilst being readable. Macdonald's books are not online though there are some sample chapters.  This is the usual pattern; David Irving puts his books online on the theory that people who like them prefer to physically own and handle their copies.  Kindles and Nooks and other devices are new and already influential; new books have to take them into account.  Very long books may be easier on Kindle than on paper.  It's not yet clear whether pictures will be displayable cheaply and effectively but probably printed books and displays will resemble each other.  Indexes may become less important—computer searching may replace them. 王菊 / 吴宣仪 / Yamy / 杨芸晴 / 傅菁 / 李子璇 / 刘人语 / 段奥娟 / 高秋梓 / 许靖韵 / SING-赖美云 Since it's not possible to be scientifically precise the following comments and comparisons aren't to be regarded as established; they may change with circumstances though it's impossible to be sure Mimicry There are interesting possibilities here.  Jewish groups rely on mimicry their hosts: changes name to resemble their hosts imitations other languages keeping quiet about hostile beliefs temporary alliances on a belief basis pretence caring about matters some host groups adopting conventions on clothes—all these are entirely typical Here's an extract from Hilaire Belloc on the 'marvellous ability' Jews to mimic other groups ('Mimicry' is not. 王源 [2] Central Banks and the Federal Reserve in the USA are usually privately-owned; the actual owners may be impossible to ascertain and their records kept secret indefinitely.  The presumption here is that the owners are or mostly are Jews.  This claim is based on historical evidence and various types inference from behaviour.  Traditionally governments borrowed money at interest.  This makes sense when the borrowings are genuinely scarce assets.  Paying interest on paper money is essentially a fraud: paper money costs almost nothing.  This should be what is referred to as 'money as debt'.  There is virtually no risk in central banking. Symbiosis between parasites and subsets hosts are rare in nature: all ant workers and drones obey a parasitic new queen but this occurs because the control mechanisms are fairly simple and inescapably compelling—maverick ants which fight back seem never to exist However the hugely increased learning capacities people allow many variants this process: Janissaries forced labour captured populations unwilling allies and forced impregnation are possibilities And undeniably such mechanisms are exploited by Jews possibly in a genetically-determined way Behavioural Traits There's a case for studying law or medicine or history or oratory to benefit a community (or the world) but people whose only interest is (for example) law in the hope benefiting their group or making money has a more powerful motive to study.  In contrast people with a wider view have a much more difficult job trying to understand and balance different groups and issues When you see some hideous Jewish woman blithely saying that white girls deserve all they get or a Jewish political party leader saying things completely the opposite their party's supposed stance or a BBC Jewish hack scribbler saying every country should welcome criminals; don't imagine there must be a process thought behind it It may simply be an innate genetic reaction to the external stimulus Extended Parasitism  Because human creativity it may be difficult to confidently detect a parasite since someone may be an ancestor someone who later turns out to be a creative type The ideas/beliefs issue is probably the most important as regards human beings.  This is because people are physically somewhat similar: the difference between an extremely strong man and a feeble woman is large; but it is nothing compared with the difference between an informed person and someone entirely uneducated.  And groups people can have mutually-reinforcing effects which is why in-groups can exist and secrecy lies deception and so on can be hugely important.  This is out the reach modern science: the brain is not understood nor is learning except as it is observed empirically.  This is why advertisers may be as good or better at prediction than psychologists. 段奥娟 / 高秋梓 / 刘人语 / 吴映香 / 许靖韵 / 傅菁 / 李紫婷 / 戚砚笛 / 杨芸晴 / 张紫宁 / 陈意涵 My guess is that sexual reproduction itself is an evolutionary device to allow incorrectly-copied DNA to be removed. 张碧晨 Lower-Class people ten feel they must mimic upper castes probably throughout the world.  I'm told Indians sometimes get adopted as Brahmins by imitating their manners eating vegetarian food and so on I wondered if The Midwich Cuckoos (science fiction soon after 1945) was a science fiction attempt to work through the concept an intruded group like-minded aliens There is some comment on The Hobbit (film) in The Occidental Observer site: the baddies are obviously and clearly hostile: they threaten attack look feel sound dangerous.